Radiant Routines


The secret to success -and may we add beauty- is in your daily routines, which is why all millionaires and icons have them. Establishing positive daily routines will be the greatest self-investment you will ever make. Like all humans, your brain likes patterns. It’s hardwired to recognize and respond to them. By setting and following positive routines, you’re giving your mind the structure it needs to keep you happy, healthy and moving forward towards your goals. With our printables you’ll be able to establish *that girl* routines that’ll make you achieve more, prioritize self-care, think more clearly and get stuff done. Plain and simple.

Here’s what’s included in the Radiant Routines printables:

  • Daily routine planner
  • Cleaning routine planner
  • Skincare routine planner
  • Haircare routine planner
  • Habit tracker
  • Meal planner


The Radiant Routines printables are part of the CEO,OOO,OOO Boss Babe planner, which will launch on the 1st of June 2022. Our printables give you the opportunity to start working on creating your dreamlife + business straight away without having to wait for your planner to arrive or paying shipping fees! Besides, you’ll be able to print them out as many times as you’d like and you will only have to purchase the printables once.

After your purchase you will receive a download link. Once stored as a file on your laptop or pc, you will be able to print the planners out immediately.


Radiant Routines

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Why Everyone should use a


As a busy mom and business owner, I have to say the the struggle to stay on top of my day-to-day schedule is one of my greatest challenges. Without a doubt, my best, move beloved tool for doing so? My planner! I never leave home without it, and since I started using it last year, it has become a veritable command center to keep my life in rhythm! If you’re thinking of kicking off a new routine and starting to use a planner yourself, I’ve created a multiple planners so you can keep track of your busy life.

We all know how easy it is to think of an idea and then almost instantly forget it. Pressing a few keyboard buttons doesn't activate much of your memory, and therefore we tend to forget awfully quickly. Taking the time to write things out on paper helps you to retain them in your mind. Writing by hand encourages you to process information, and as a result, your memory increases.

We understand that stress is not enjoyable to experience at all. But by having all your tasks organized and dates prioritized, you'll realize how much your anxiety and worries can improve with the regular usage of a planner. You will have the luxury of knowing everything that's to come and be very well up-to-date on your current obligations.

Your planner can be your outlet to unleash your creative side. It's no wonder why so many planners include sections for doodling or even add in coloring pages! If you love to get artsy, having a personal planner will be perfect because you'll possess the freedom of highlighting, color coding, and sketching whatever your heart desires.

The process of writing items down and prioritizing the dates helps you develop a habitual routine. Habits are considered important because they’re what help us ultimately achieve our goals. Forming good habits can take a bit of time, and this should be all more the reason to get started with a OUR BOSS BABE planners ASAP!

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