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Boss Babe Brands has proven processes and talent to provide effective customized web development solutions to match the market's changing expectations. To achieve success, we begin by knowing your business goals and aligning our solutions with your marketing objectives. While being headquartered in The Netherlands, we really provide world-class solutions to clients all around the world. From custom coding and seamless integrations to portal functionalities that revolutionize your offering, our team of web developers has the experience and portfolio to take your website to the next level.

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Custom WordPress websites

WordPress is the most popular content management platform in the world and for good reason. It’s fully customizable and scalable for any type of content your website needs. Custom WordPress website development is streamlined with a functional admin panel and access to thousands of plugins and pre-developed solutions.

High-performance custom E-commerce sites

Boss Babe Brands is more than a web development firm, it is a true partner, skilled in developing solutions to empower your e-commerce business. Our team has worked with brick-and-mortar stores and online brands of all types and sizes to build a seamless digital bridge between products and consumers on platforms from Shopify to WooCommerce and BigCommerce. Your website can completely transform the brand experience for your customers. Each Boss Babe Brands website defines and executes a robust e-commerce web development strategy unique to your project.


Web Development


Information gathering (including objectives and target audience)
We work together to identify your goals and target audience, using them as the North Star that guides your project.

Industry and competitive analysis
We research your industry landscape and direct competitors to identify key trends and the kind of web presence similar organizations have. This in turn helps us position your website to stand apart from the rest.

Build the project architecture and sitemap
With your target audience in mind, we map out your complete website architecture including its sitemap, which serves as the framework for all design and content elements.

Create your high-fidelity wireframes
With the sitemap completed, we turn your working idea into a tangible, high-fidelity wireframe to showcase how all content, functionality and project elements are interconnected. and project elements are interconnected.

Design your project's style guide
One of the first steps is to identify your business' overarching style. Special branding, logos, graphic elements, fonts and colors will all be included. These details are essential to giving your website a cohesive and immediately identifiable look.

Design your website pages
Your website pages are then designed for both desktop and mobile devices and submitted to you for approval.

Design any additional or supporting graphic elements needed
If, after reviewing, we find that additional graphic or supporting elements are needed, our team will design those unique elements.

Build your website architecture
With your design ready, your site infrastructure is then built. Your sitemap now becomes a working frame ready to be filled in.

Frontend coding
At this stage, we develop the front, or, client-facing side of your website, including all elements with which they'll interact.

Backend coding
As you probably guessed, this is the other side of your website, or the "backend." The backend includes the server and acts as the engine for the frontend's functionality—it's what makes your website work.

Develop project features
At this stage, specific functionality and features unique to your website are built both on the frontend and backend.

Website integrations
We build out any integrations (like third-party tools, APIs or other applications) your project may require.

Test for functionality and performance
Once your website has been completely designed and built, our team conducts a final screening of every page and every element to test all functionalities, compatibilities and full performance.

Test function on all devices
Part of our screening process includes ensuring your website performs perfectly across all devices—including desktop, mobile and tablet. Our final assessment is then presented to you, the client, for review.

At this stage you provide feedback, if any, and give us the green light.

Launch your website and track initial performance
With your final approval, your website goes live. The project, however, isn't completed yet. After your website launches and is fully indexed by Google, we monitor initial performance to ensure its functionalities are delivering the expected results.

Training for you and your stakeholders
But wait, there's more! We wouldn't just leave you with a brand new website that you and your team don't know how to operate! At this stage, we train you and your team on how to manage and maintain your now fully-operational website. We provide an overview of your monitoring tools and show you how to get the most out of the data on display.

Ongoing support (as-needed)
We remain at the ready to answer your questions and provide ongoing support as needed.

Discuss maintenance and future stages of development
Websites have the advantage of being incredibly dynamic but that entails maintaining and periodically updating your website for optimal performance. We're in this for the long-haul and conclude this phase of your project with a discussion about how to keep your website healthy for years to come.

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We're laser-focused on one thing: helping businesses women succeed. This requires a comprehensive knowledge of consumer channels and the creation of cutting-edge planning, buying, and analytics strategies that inspire customers to act.


Every choice we make is driven by our clients' requirements and wishes. Our strategy-making approach is guided by practicality, humility, and empathy. Companies need more than one message to be relevant and prosper in today's society.